Providing professional home electrical safety checks

We specialize in giving you complete piece of mind when buying, investing, or just simply being comfortable in your own home.


Was created to give you peace of mind when buying or just simply feeling comfortable in your home.

Being electricians in the industry for a handful of years we have come across installations and situations which could have caused serious damage or fire if not fixed or found. As a result of this we want to provide a service that would help you become aware of these situations whether you are buying or investing and making sure your current home is safe.

Services we provide:

We carry out an electrical check through your home or investment.  We provide two types of electrical checks. Basic and a more thorough comprehensive check.

Basic electrical check for residential homes

Basic Check

We recommend the basic check if your looking to purchase or invest into a property and would like to know the basic condition of the electrical installation.


This check will provide details on whether there is going to be any additional costs involved to bring the electrical installation up to the correct standard.

Comprehensive electrical check for residential homes


We recommend the comprehensive check to give you complete peace of mind that the electrical installation in your current home or future investment is safe.


It will ensure that there are no hidden surprises that are likely to cause you major damage or loss in the future.

  • These checks are carried out by qualified electricians.

  • This will give you a more in depth electrical report than what a building report would cover.

  • We can also provide you with an estimate price on what it would cost to bring these electrical faults up to the correct standard.


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